Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Can you help me?

I need your help. As you know I am getting married in a month and I'm currently looking for shoes for the big day! As I'm quite tall, and my fiancé is the same height as me, I don't want shoes with too high a heel. I also want comfortable shoes that I can dance in. The thing is that I don't want to buy 'wedding shoes', as in white shoes that I'll only wear once in my life. I'd prefer something in silver or pale pink, but so far I have only managed to find shoes with too high heels, and that are really uncomfortable. Does anyone know where I can buy comfortable, pretty shoes with middle- high heels, either in London or somewhere in Norway? I'd be ever so grateful if anyone could help me!!


  1. Min venninne som akkurat giftet seg hadde lave ballerinas fra Repetto - i dus rosa med små paljetter på, disse: og det var veldig fint! Repetto har jo også helt enkle ballerinas. Hun kjøpte dem på Shoe lounge.

  2. Men du ville jo ha noen med hæl! Jaja, da er kanskje ikke ballerinas midt i blinken... :)lykke til!

  3. De var veldig fine! Men, ja, jeg vil gjerne ha noen med bittelitt hæl :)