Friday, 3 December 2010

3rd December

I made these chocolate truffles this morning, and I'm really struggling not to eat them all at once! I never realised how easy it was to make truffles, but now that I do I'll make sure to make them more often. They make a nice little present for someone you care about! Today is the perfect day to do something nice for someone around you, maybe invite someone over for a cup of tea and some cakes? Or surprise someone with a little present? Or simply a hug? I love this time of year, but I know that for many people this time of year is difficult and lonely. Christmas is all about family, but that also means that it emphasises the loneliness for those who are far away from their family, or those who have no one. So why not try and do something nice for someone that you know is all alone?

Hope you'll have lovely weekends!


  1. De så fantastiske ut! Jeg og kjæresten skal bake pepperkaker i morra, og jeg skal ha rosa glasur på mine hjerter. Og nonstop med melkesjokolade<3
    Ønsker deg en fin tredje dag i desember!

  2. Det høres utrolig koselig ut! Jeg skal også prøve å få bakt pepperkaker, og forhåpentligvis pepperkakehus, pyntet med seigmenn :)
    En god dag til deg! :)

  3. Kjære venn!!
    For en nydelig blogg du har! Jeg har ikke oppdaget den før i dag....så nå har jeg kost meg med mange fantstiske innlegg!! Gleder meg til å se deg, og ønsker deg en fabelaktig dag!!klem i fleng fra Åshild

  4. Takk søte du! Gleder meg veldig til å se deg!! KLem :)

  5. Any chance of the recipe? I've always thought truffles would be a difficult one but if they're not then I'd love to give them a shot. Also, would love to have the recipe for your cinammon buns. xxx

  6. Truffles: 100 ml whipping cream, 200g chocolate (dark or white, I found that milk chocolate didn't really work), 2 tbsp butter. Put the whipping cream in a pan on the hob and bring it to boil. Take it off the heat and put the chocolate in (best if you break it into small pieces first). Stir well and make sure it has all melted. Put the butter in and stir well. Let it cool down until it's the right texture for making little balls. Roll them in a little cocoa powder in the end to stop them being too sticky.

    I'll email you the recipe for the cinnamon buns!