Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Edinburgh, baby

I had new mittens from the January sale.
We went to the Gallery of Modern Art.
Edinburgh was stormy and wet, but pretty.
I was wearing a favourite brooch.
We had coffee in the Gallery Café.

Then we went for lunch at the house of a very dear friend.
He has the best library I know. I want a library like this one day, with a step chair to reach the books at the top.
We sat around the fire, drank coffee (and whisky), ate cheese and talked all day until it was dark and dinner time, and then we went out in the very windy evening to eat in a restaurant nearby.

Scotland, I will be sad to leave you.


  1. Det så veldig koselig ut :) Enig med eget bibliotek, forresten! Damn!

  2. Åh, det biblioteket! Og brosja! Så fiiint! Jeg var i Edinburgh i et par timer en gang, og var på Modern Art museum og vandret litt i byen, ikke nok tid, jeg må tilbake!!

  3. Edinburgh er nydelig! Absolutt verdt mer enn et par timers besøk :)

  4. I'd forgotten how wonderful 12A Grosvenor Place is. I too wish for a library like that one day, athough if I manage to collect many more books here I will get into trouble as they will cost even more money to ship back and I have already costed things up and it's not going to be a cheap homecoming.