Friday, 3 February 2012

Finally Friday!

I can't believe how quickly this week has gone past! I've been very busy, so I'm looking forward to a nice and relaxed weekend. Husband and I are celebrating our "anniversary" this weekend, so hopefully there will be lots of nice food and cake. The weather is so pretty and cold, it makes me happy seeing all the people wrapped up warm. I also love rosy cheeks in the cold. And being able to see your own breath!

A very lovely weekend to you all! May it be filled with happiness and lots of smiles.


  1. Så hyggelige helgeplaner!
    Vi spiser lasagne med Gullrekka, så skal mannen på whiskeysmaking med sin far i morgen. Håper jeg slipper å bli oppringt grunnet ufin oppførsel, heldigvis foregår det kl. 18 :D

  2. Så hyggelig det høres ut, kos deg med ro og kjærlighet!

  3. Gratulerer! Gledelig feiring og en god helg til deg!

  4. Tusen takk! God helg til dere alle tre!