Friday, 17 August 2012

Welcome to the village

I'll show some more pictures from our lovely village soon, but I thought I would give you a little preview first. There are so many beautiful old buildings here, an old pretty church and lots of lovely gardens.
And around the village we are surrounded by open fields, and woods where there are lots and lots of brambles and mushrooms. I really like these 'hay towers' that are popping up everywhere at this time of year.
The perfect surroundings for late afternoon walks!


  1. Det ser skikkelig, skikkelig fint ut! Dere er heldige. God helg til deg!

    1. Ja, det er utrolig koselig her! :) God helg til deg også!

  2. Jeg kan bare ikke se meg mett på slike koselige bilder. Å gå tur i slike omgivelser fremstår som himmelen for en anglofil. God helg!