Sunday, 25 April 2010

Outfit of the day

Today is the perfect day to put on one of my summer dresses! I love this one, it has lovely, puffed short sleeves and the pattern makes me smile! I also love these cute socks..

Love this pattern!

Other things that make me smile today:

These pretty bows that I made last night, which can be worn in my hair, on one of my bags or on my clothes!

- waking up really early to the sound of rain. I love the sound of rain!
- then getting up and the sun is shining!
- a bottle of sparkling rosé is waiting in the fridge to be drunk later.
- we're having the best spicy meatballs for dinner..
- listening to the birds in the garden.
- the colour of my dress.
- thinking about my wedding and looking through bridal magazines!

What makes you happy today?

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