Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Honeymoon and lovely things

I am finally back, after a wedding that was even better than we had ever dreamed of, and a honeymoon in France with the man I love. We went to Alsace, a region in France near the border to Germany, which is famous for its cheese and wine. It is a very small region in a mountain range named Vosges, and consists of lots of very small villages not far from each other, separated only by miles and miles of vineyards. Their wine is fantastic, and so is the cheese. The most famous cheese is Munster, a very smelly cheese, which is absolutely divine.

I have spent the last ten days in these surroundings:

The courtyard outside our flat.
The vineyard we stayed on was very beautiful. They had a dog called Cayenne, who spent most of her time sleeping outside our flat.
Our courtyard.
Almost every hill in Alsace has a castle (or three) on it.

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