Tuesday, 19 October 2010


It was early Saturday morning, when Husband and I packed Pug, our car, and set out on our journey to Scotland. England was beautiful in yellow, red and orange, and Scotland welcomed us with ominous black skies that made the yellow trees look even brighter than before. We packed our lunches before we left and stopped in a little village just over the Scottish border to eat and drink our coffee.

Scotland is beautiful as ever, the sky high and wide, the sea black with white wave tops, and the sunsets magnificent and sparkling. We will stay here for two long, wonderful weeks, and eat, live, laugh and love, before we again pack our lunches and coffee and start the journey back south again. Oh life, oh joy.


  1. Heldige deg! Jeg har veldig lyst til å reise til Skottland en gang. Ha et fint opphold!

  2. Takk! Det er fantastisk flott i Skottland!