Friday, 8 October 2010

Things I like about living in Britain, pt 1

Alan Bennett. Wonderful writer, wonderful man. You just want to put him in your pocket or give him a big, big hug.

Tea. One of the first things you learn as a citizen in the UK, is that it's always time for a nice cuppa. The first thing they think about when they wake up, come home, get to work, have a break, go out, get together, watch tv.. etc etc

Afternoon tea. Does not only include tea, but also scones, cakes, champagne and sandwiches: egg, cucumber and ham and cheese. Yum.

English rose. I love the expression 'English Rose', and there are lots of them around, but the Brits do rose gardens pretty damn well. Little oases of calm, peace and lovely smells.

Brogues. A representative object for the perfect gentleman, I'd say, but who says we girls can't wear it too? Certainly an important part of the British way of dressing.

Tweed. Another important part in the British wardrobe, both for ladies and gentlemen.

Picnic. Usually involves Pimm's or champagne (preferably the latter in my case) in Britain, apart from the standard finger sandwiches and scones. These could, of course, be replaced by proper home made bread with brown cheese and cinnamon swirls if you are Norwegian.


  1. Som jeg elsker alle de punktene. Jeg har en hemmelig liten drøm om å bo litt i England selv. Det hadde vært fint,det. Hadde iallefall ikke hatt noen problemer med å drikke så masse te som de gjør :)

  2. Ja, det er i grunnen veldig fint å bo her! :)
    Men det er veldig mange fine ting jeg savner med Norge også!

  3. Suuuukk, jeg har så lyst til å bo i England! Får skikkelig lengselssug i magen av å lese punktene dine.