Sunday, 7 November 2010

Happiness is....

... going to the British Library, looking at all the old books, smelling them, and thinking of all the knowledge that exists within the building.
... seeing the sun set over the tower at St. Pancras.
... a stranger smiling to you in the street or on the tube.
... being stopped by a stranger in the street that tells you that she loves what you're wearing.
... wearing pretty shoes and socks.
... jumping in a big pile of leaves.
... seeing the reflection of the sky in a puddle.
... freezing cold weather.
... having to wrap up in scarves and hats.
... drinking a nice cup of tea and reading about love.
... reading old diaries.
... making something new out of something old.
... making a present for someone, and thinking of them whilst making it.
... getting a letter in the mail from someone you miss.
... looking at old photos.

What is happiness to you?

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