Friday, 21 January 2011

Transferring images to put a smile on your face

I recently received some photo transferring paper that I ordered, and since then I've been a little obsessed with transferring images to t-shirts. It's so easy, and looks so nice!

Like this portrait that Edward Steichen took of Gloria Swanson. He is one of my favourite photographers.

Or this one of my all time hero, Pippi Langstrømpe.

This is one of the prettiest stills from Amelie, one of the best films. Ever. This photo reminds me of being small, running around grandma and grandpa's garden picking rasberries. Or lying in the hey on the farm, looking at all the clouds in the sky.

I'm not sure who this is or who took it, but I really love it.


  1. Så fine alle t-skjortene ble med en sånn ekstra piff. Fikk lyst til å gjøre noe lignende selv :)
    God helg!

  2. Takk! God helg til deg også!! :)