Friday, 8 April 2011

Birthday Friday!

I truly could never ask for a better birthday than I have had today. Husband had his cast taken off this very morning, so it has been the birthday of firsts. Today is the first day of our Easter holiday, and it is the first time we have:
-walked down the street holding hands in four weeks.
-had ice cream in the park this year.
-had a proper picnic this year.
-had a birthday as a married couple!

In addition to all these lovely things, the weather has been absolutely fantastic; bright blue sky and 28 degrees. Proper summer weather. I can't believe how warm it has been! I remember the last birthday I had in Norway- it was snowing.

This is what my birthday has been like:

Presents in bed!
These are 100 Penguin Classics postcards. On each and every one of them Husband had written something that he loves about me. I can imagine our grandchildren finding this box in the attic, it is like a book about our relationship.
Penguin Classics have brought out these lovely editions of old classics. So beautiful!
I picked these in the garden this morning.
And had coffee from the birthday cup.
Champagne brunch in the garden.

Husband had made me a beautiful crown! <3

The rest of the evening will be spent in the warm, sunny garden. I'm having a champagne tea party on Sunday to celebrate. More on that later!

Hope you are having a beautiful weekend!


  1. Så herlig innlegg!
    Gratulerer med dagen!
    jeg havnet på denne bloggen helt tilfeldig og jeg ble i godt humør!
    God vårhelg fra Norge, det snør ikke, men det er langt ifra 28 grader..

  2. Så fint! Tusen takk for det! Håper du stikker innom igjen!
    Våren er like om hjørnet nå, jeg er sikkert på det!

  3. Åh, så herlig! Og gratulerer så masse med dagen, håper hele helga blir fin til din ære!<3

  4. Perfekt bursdag!:) Så koselig å lese bloggen din Anne Lise! Herlige hverdagslivet. Godklem fra Åshild

  5. Tusen takk! Den fineste bursdagshelga noengang, tror jeg!