Sunday, 10 April 2011


Yesterday Husband had a concert just outside Cambridge, and as Cambridge is one of my favourite places in England, I decided to drop him off at the rehearsal and then spend the day there. It was such a beautiful day, and for a few hours I pretended that I was a part of one of the colleges, that I had a big apartment looking out on the river, and a pretty Pashley bike parked just outside. Oh, if it were only true.
I bought myself a beautiful pair of shoes (birthday treat for myself) and also something that was wrapped up very beautifully in a box with a pink bow on.
I sat down by the river and enjoyed this whilst looking at all the tourists punting by.

And the gardens were so pretty with flowers everywhere, and people lying in the grass, enjoying the sunshine. Blissful Saturday.

I hope you're all having a great weekends too!


  1. Å! Eg vil ligge i en park med deg og spise kake pakket inn i en nydelig boks, etter at vi har kjøpt oss hver våre nydeligste pumps! Det er det eg vil akkurat nå <3

  2. Jeg vil også være med! Jeg skjønner hvor Wordsworth ble inspirert til å skrive om påskeliljer. I Cambridge!

  3. Å! Ja! Ligge i sola, spise kake og drikke champagne. Sammen med dere fine to :)