Thursday, 23 June 2011

My London Alphabet: B

Belgo Centraal is a Belgian restaurant/beer house in Covent Garden (there is also one near Holborn and one in Clapham) with fantastic beers and great food. If you like Belgian beer this is the place to go, as they have a very diverse menu. The food is traditional Belgian; mussels, roast chicken, sausages and different types of casseroles, all served with chips and mayonnaise. The best one, as far as I am concerned, is the one in Covent Garden, which is situated in a dark basement, and all the waiters are dressed in long monk robes.

Borough Market should be familiar to anyone who has read my blog for a while, it is definitely one of my favourite spots in London. Situated not far from the bank of Thames between old warehouses, under a railway bridge, it is full of lovely culinary treasures. They have recently done it up really nicely; planted lots of flowers and decorated walls. Go there for a nice coffee and cake or cheese or to have your lunch, choices are difficult when presented with so many delicious alternatives. Or, if you simply enjoy nice food, just enjoy the different smells, look at the beautiful cakes and find lots of inspiration for cooking.

Breakfast Club is a place I have written about before, but it's worth mentioning again. Lovely food, great cocktails, tasty cakes, good atmosphere and music just to my taste. Their breakfast menu is extensive and mouth watering, but it's also great for lunch or late night drinks. A great place to sit down with a book or a sketch book, or just study other people.

Beyond Retro is a chain of vintage clothing shops, and they have three shops in London; one in Brick Lane, one in Chalk Farm (Camden) and one in Soho. They have a huge selection of vintage clothes, the shops are full of little treasures. You can find yourself some really great bargains there, and it's absolutely worth a visit!