Sunday, 31 July 2011


Joules is rapidly becoming one of my favourite shops in the UK, after having had a few very successful visits to their end of season sale.

I have been looking for a nice tweed jacket for a while, one that doesn't make me look like a middle aged woman, and I found one that was half price! It also has a very pretty lining.

This is a silk skirt that was just a fraction of the original price, with a print that could possibly be a London skyline. It's very pretty whatever it is!
And I saved the best till last. My heart jumped when I found this, and it makes me oh so happy just looking at it. Wearing it makes me feel like Annika from Pippi, or one of the children in Bullerbyn. A perfect summer blouse!

Hope you are having warm, sunny summer days!


  1. SÅ mye fint! Og jeg har ikke ord for hvor flott den blusa var. ÅH!<3

  2. Ja, den er SÅ fin! Kunne nesten ikke tro det når jeg så den i butikken! :)