Thursday, 21 July 2011

My London Alphabet: C

Apologies for the lack of photos in this post, I always forget to take my camera with me when I go to town. I promise to provide lots of photos for the next one!

Cabbages and Roses is an expensive but great shop. They sell mainly clothes, but also things like tea cups, cushions, table cloths etc. Their clothes are like taken out from a fairytale; long dresses with pretty collars, pastel colours and rose patterns. They remind me of long summer days in the garden, eating fresh strawberries, paddling in the fjord and sleeping in the hammock. Their main shop is in Avery Row close to New Bond Street, but they also sell their clothes in Jigsaw shops all over London. (

Canal walk (Camden- Regent's Park). It's lovely to walk along the canal, and particularly if you are tired of all the tourists you find along the Thames. A good place to start is Camden, as you could have a lovely lunch in one of the restaurants by the canal before you head off. Then walk down towards Regent's Park. It's a really pretty walk, it's hard to believe that you're walking through the middle of London! Quiet and calm, and a nice break from the busy life in the big city.

Covent Garden is a nice area, in spite of all the tourists and particularly if you manage to go at a time when you'll avoid the crowds. Weekdays are usually good, and Saturdays a nightmare. It's a great area for shopping, many of my favourite shops are located here. Neal Street is great for shoes; you'll find shops like Office, Camper, The Natural Shoe Store, Dune and Birkenstock. Seven Dials and the surrounding streets are also great, and my favourite cheese shop Neal's Yard is situated in Shorts Gardens. One of my favourite restaurants, Belgo, is also in this area, and Le Garrick (another favourite) is nearby.

Cath Kidston is loved by many women and hated by many husbands. Thankfully, Husband doesn't mind it too much. This is the shop where absolutely everything is covered in either polkadots or flowers, the most 'girly-girl' place I have ever been to! They sell anything from clothes, shoes, towels, aprons and tablecloths to teacups, handbags, baby equipment and gardening accessories. They have shops all over London, and also a website:


  1. En egen Cath Kidston-butikk, er det sant? <3 Åh! Gjett om jeg skal dit en gang, da, hihi.

  2. Ja, de har butikker flere steder, de er kjempefine!