Wednesday, 23 January 2013


My favourite meal has to be breakfast. Not just any breakfast, but a proper breakfast with tasty bread, coffee and lots of fillings for your sandwich, Norwegian style. Preferably eaten in company of lovely friends and lasting at least a couple of hours. After I moved to England over six years ago, I very quickly lost my enthusiasm, due to the lack of exciting sandwich fillers (such as brown cheese, pickled herring, Svolværpostei and Tomato mackerel) and most importantly the offensive quality of British bread. Good, healthy, tasty bread is near impossible to find. I often make my own bread, and Husband makes a delicious sour dough bread, but after becoming a mum this has now moved further down on my list of priorities. As I find myself being very tired these days, and consequently craving sugar and carbohydrates, I've been looking for something nice, healthy and easy that will fill my stomach in the morning. I found this recipe in this blog, and these pancakes are a new breakfast favourite! I have made a few small changes to the recipe. Make the mixture the night before and leave it to soak in the fridge overnight.

5 dl porridge oats (I often use a mix of oats, such as rye and barley)
1 dl flour
1,5 tbsp sugar (or honey)
2 tsp baking powder
0.5 tsp salt
500 ml milk (or yogurt, Norwegian kefir or buttermilk. I prefer normal milk)
2 eggs
2 tbsp melted butter

Mix the dry and wet ingredients separately before mixing together. Leave overnight in the fridge. Rye and barley oats are a bit tougher than porridge oats, even after soaking over night. I like the chewiness of them in the pancakes, but if you want the pancakes smoother, use porridge oats.

I prefer eating these with banana and jam, or with fresh berries. A weekend twist: banana and maple syrup!



  1. ...the offensive quality of British bread!! Hihi! Du kan få sagt det!Helt enig i at det er lite som slår en tradisjonell, norsk frokost. Spesielt alt det gode brødet. Leste ett eller annet sted at utlendinger synes norsk mat er ekkel, og at brødet er noe av det verste! Ufattelig.

    Det er så deilig i helgene når man har god tid, å kunne ta det med ro og slappe av ved frokostbordet. Mmmm.

  2. Det er helt utrolig at noen i det hele tatt spiser brødet her borte, det er jo bare luft og holder deg mett i omtrent en halv time! Kan skjønne at utlendinger syns at mye av det vi spiser er rart, men brødet? Hm.. God helg til deg!

  3. Ooh these look delicious, you've inspired me to try out some pancakes one weekend morning, definitely. Do more posts like this, I know you have tons of great recipes up your sleeve!