Friday, 4 November 2011

Another country walk, a knitting shop, and a tea room

If you've had enough of country walks and autumn colours you should stop reading now, because this is another post about just that.. Although this one also has a little tea room in the middle! It's our second week of 'holiday', so this week Husband and I found time for another countryside adventure.
We started our adventure in this lovely little village with beautiful, old cottages.
A pretty little church.
And some more lovely cottages. I'd love to live in one of them!
I will spare you all the photos I took of the pretty trees we passed, and just include this one that has a little cottage in the background.
After walking for an hour or so, through fields and woods, we came to another village. This one had a wonderful little shop that sold vintage tea cups, jewellery, some plants and lots of knitting yarn.
We then walked along the road to a little tea room nearby..
Lovely little tea room run by two lovely ladies!
I was thirsty after the walk, so I had some tea and lemonade. I absolutely love the little milk jug!
On the way back we walked through fields with horses.
And we watched the sun go down. It's funny how quickly it gets dark these days. For the last bit of our walk it was getting pretty dark, and I was terrified of running into badgers, as there are a lot of them in the area.. We made it back to the car without seeing any, thankfully!

Hope you have all had a good week!