Friday, 18 November 2011

Finally Friday!

I changed the buttons in this cardigan with some that I have covered with some lovely pink fabric. It looks a lot nicer now than it did before!

What makes me happy today: cold weather, coffee and a nice weekend ahead
What I am listening to right now: She & Him
Plans I have for the weekend: do some work, read, go for long walks, have breakfast in bed, watch a good film
What I am reading right now: a lot of course literature and 'Irr! Grønt!' by Dag Solstad
Things I do that make me feel better on a bad day: read a good poem, put on red lipstick, wear high heeled shoes, listen to a great song, sing really loudly with my hairbrush as microphone, wear bright colours, send a text to someone I love, eat chocolate.

What about you?

A very happy Friday to all you lovely people!


  1. Så fin med nye knapper!

    Gjør meg glad: Helg. Og snill kjæreste <3 Og ny te!
    Hører på: Siri Nilsen
    Helgeplaner: Lese, gå tur, ha radiosending, gå i pysjbukse ganske lenge.
    Leser: Historien om fru Berg, den er fantastisk.
    Får meg til å føle meg bedre: Sjokolade, kjærestekyss og klem, fin musikk, Gilmore Girls, myke pledd.

    God helg, fine!