Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Famous blue raincoat..

Life is pretty busy these days. It is difficult to not be a full time student anymore, to be a 'proper' grown up and work for a living, whilst trying to figure out what I want to do next. Husband is working a lot too, and we don't see much of each other. Bills and nothing but bills is what's coming through the post. Sometimes it is very lonely to live in a big city like London, it's easy to feel very small and unimportant. You rarely see known faces in the street. But on days like these I try to make lists like this, so here we go:

Things that make me happy today:

- the trees are gradually becoming yellow and pretty
- the school I work in is pretty cool (I'll put on some photos soon)
- seeing girls in the street that are all dressed up, and look like they're going to do something nice
- tiny little children that hug your legs for no apparent reason
- eating Husband's fresh homemade bread
- kids jumping in big puddles
- watching the latest costume drama on ITV; Downton Abbey, whilst having a nice, hot cup of tea from a lovely spotty tea cup
- fantacizing about and planning weekend trips to Cambridge, Winchester and the Cotswolds
- counting the days until half term holiday when we are going to Scotland

I try, at least, to count my blessings whenever I feel like I don't want to get out of bed in the morning!


  1. Fin liste. Jeg liker også at bakken blir gul, men så er jeg litt lei meg for at jeg ikke får dratt til London til helga som jeg egentlig hadde tenkt. Dum eksamen, men turen får jeg heller ha til gode. Så kan jeg jo glede meg til den enda litt lenger!:)

  2. Det er alltid kjekt aa ha noe aa se fram til! :)