Friday, 3 September 2010

Finally Friday!!

I started work again yesterday, and after two days of work (meetings, coffee and more meetings) I'm very happy the weekend is finally here!! Starting work after a long holiday is hard.... I didn't know who or where I was when the alarm clock woke me up yesterday at 6.20. But there are still things that make me happy:

- the sun is shining, and it's still lovely and warm during the day, even if the evenings are getting a little crisp.
- my husband and I are picking up lovely new furniture that we bought very cheaply off the parents of someone we know. Pictures will follow shortly!
- I'm looking forward to packing out warm jumpers and scarves from the cupboard. I love autumn...
- I will explore the country park that we've discovered not too far from where we live. It also has a Farm with a Farm shop and a proper English tea room! Yay! I have been looking for one for a very long time!
- my 'new' tweed jacket that i bought on Ebay will arrive in the mail! Perfect for autumn!
- our new best friend 'Kenwood Chef Titanium' has arrived, and I will make bread, cakes and cinnamon buns! Mmmmmmm.......
- putting on a lovely dress, red lips and dance, dance, dance..

Do you have any exiting or lovely plans for the weekend?

Hope you'll all have lovely weekends filled with lots of smiles!

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