Saturday, 24 September 2011

Foxy lady

There are lots of foxes in London, and you often see them roaming the streets at night looking for food. We have one that lives in our garden. Ever since reading 'Hakkebakkeskogen' as a child have I loved foxes, and I don't think I ever saw one until I moved to London. Our fox is quite a sorry looking one, like most urban foxes. It is thin, the fur looks filthy and it has a limp. I still find it fascinating, and I love seeing how it is enjoying sleeping in the early morning sun, all curled up or stretched out like a cat. Sometimes, if we sit very still, it will come up to our bedroom window and cast a curious glance at us, but if we move it is gone in seconds. Thankfully it is very shy, so I don't have to fear running into it when I'm out in the garden...

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