Monday, 5 September 2011

Out to the farm

We live in an area where we get the best of both worlds; it's easy to get in to the heart of London and it's easy to get out to the countryside. I love exploring the busy streets of central London, but sometimes the crowds, noise and traffic become too much and I need to escape. Just outside the city there are fields, walking tracks, farms and country shops, and this weekend Husband and I thought we would try out the nearby Pick-Your-Own farm that we have driven past so many times. It was wonderful! Such good value for money, they had good variety of fruits and vegetables, and you get the great experience of walking around the fields picking the fruit and vegetable of your fancy!

The farm was so big that we needed 'street' signs to find the way.
The strawberries were really tasty. A lot of them I put in the freezer for winter, the rest is going to be strawberry jam!
Rows of tomatoes as far as the eye could see..
People were happily picking french beans.
This is some of what we ended up with; strawberries, tomatoes and blackberries. We also picked raspberries, onions, french beans, beetroot and courgettes. And we were very happy with that!

The only thing better than this would be growing them myself in my own day!

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