Saturday, 22 May 2010

Growing vegetables

It's been a lovely, hot Saturday, mostly spent in the garden with Charlie Chaplin's autobiography, which I'm reading at the moment. And my fiancée. Absolutely lovely.

I've started a garden project lately. Well, I suppose it started yesterday when I planted the strawberries. I'd like to grow my own vegetables again. When I was a little girl, we had a vegetable garden. It probably didn't last longer than one year, but in my mind my childhood was filled with homegrown vegetables. And supposedly, most vegetables are quite easy to grow in pots. I've started with some basil, chives and rosemary, which strictly aren't really vegetables, but they are at least edible. I've bought lots of seed in the shop and now all I need is some pots to plant them in. Ah, I remember the joy of picking my own vegetables in the garden, and the joy of eating them for dinner. This corner in our garden will from now on be my little vegetable garden.

Our cherry tree looks so pretty against the blue sky!

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