Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Pretty little things

I like drinking tea. Poured from a proper pot into a nice cup. Preferably with a saucer. And with cake, certainly on weekends! I love the sound of the cup hitting the saucer, and the smell of the tea (of whichever sort). I love baking cakes, cookies, pies and scones, and thinking of when I'll sit down and enjoy them with a fresh pot of tea, maybe with friends. Maybe outside, in the sunshine. I think I shall have to invites some friends over for a proper tea party soon..

I also love listening to Radio 4- one of the greatest achievements of British culture, according to Stephen Fry (ah, Stephen Fry, I love you). Preferably on my beautiful Roberts radio, which I absolutely love. Maybe whilst drinking my tea. I love getting up really early (strangely enough, since I've never really been a morning person until I started writing my bachelor paper...) hearing the world waking up outside, listening to the morning programmes on the radio.

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