Friday, 28 May 2010

One step closer...

I'm wearing these today, they are rapidly becoming my favourite pair at the moment. I bought them in a market for £15, didn't have many signs of being used and they're made by Hobbs. I normally don't buy second hand shoes, as they normally don't fit my feet, but sometimes it just feels right. I love red shoes and have quite a few pairs now, but they make me so happy every time I look down at my feet!
I'm one step closer to summer holiday, and only have one exam to go. I tend to get very introvert, moody and irritable when I'm stressed, and I must have been a pain to live with for the last two months. But when the one you love gets you some cheese cake and makes a heart on it with raspberry coulis it warms my heart so much it is impossible not to smile. I'm so lucky I have someone who does these sort of things, even when I'm being grumpy and unlovable.

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