Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Old things become new!

I love finding old things in my closet, and transforming them into something new. Every now and again I go through it and get rid of things that I'm no longer using (get rid of as in giving away to charity that is), but some things I just can't get rid of and yet I don't use them.. So these things get to go through a transformation (how exciting!) to become something slightly different and new. Unfortunately I don't have any 'before' pictures, only 'after'.

This bag was pretty boring, but got a new life with some lace ribbon and a home made 'flower'. Even the smallest things make a difference.

I've had this t-shirt sitting in my closet for so long without being worn, but every time I got it out to give away I just couldn't. So I decided to give it a new life, again with some lace, and with a home made bow! It's no longer a boring t-shirt, it's now almost a blouse! And I love blouses!

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