Sunday, 2 May 2010

Lovely Bath

I went to Bath yesterday for the first time, and it was absolutely stunning! A small town filled with the most beautiful houses, surrounded by hills, trees and countryside. And, of course, the location of some of Jane Austen's books and also the screen adaptations. This location should be well known to those of you who know Austen!

We naturally visited the Roman bath.
And also the Jane Austen Centre, which was very nice. We had tea in the Jane Austen tea room on the top floor, with a stunning view over Bath. This man here was featured on the menu and on photos throughout the centre, and was in fact standing outside to greet the visitors.
And finally, a special treat for you! Whilst visiting the Roman bath and Pump Room, we also had a look inside the very posh tea room that is located in the same building. We were a little shocked when we looked out the window and saw the view.....and decided to drink our tea elsewhere.

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